In order to have a continuation in a membership once expired, it needs to be linked to the next membership. Depending on whether it is running (365 days) or period-based (eg calendar year Jan-Dec), conditions and settings are different.

You can see which setup that applies to your company. If you have a dropdown menu containing years next to the company name you have period -based membership, otherwise this menu will be missing.

Period                        Ongoing

Create next member article – Ongoing #

After a membership article has been created (see Create membership article) it needs to be linked on order for Memlist to understand what will happen to the product once the 365 dagar has expired. In this case, it is linked to itself as the product will continue to run for another 365 days when it has been renewed.

  1. Click the menu Shop.

  2. Click Edit button for the membership article you want to edit.

  3. Scroll down until you reach the section Next period for renewal.

  4. Select Ongoing from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save article button.

Create next membership article – Period #

After a member article is created (see Create membership article), this must be linked to the next membership article as each article here is defined for a specific period.

Do as following to create next article:

  1. Click the menu Shop.
  2. Click Edit button on the membership article that you want to create a new period for:

  3. Scroll down to the Next period renewal.
  4. Select the next period (eg apply to the membership article for 2022 and it should be set to 2023 here).
  5. In the field Create next period, enter the name you want to assign the new period ex. “Membership 1 kr 2023”.
  6. Click the Save button below the green button.
  7. Then click the green button Copy to next period. A toast message in green should now appearing in the right corner that confirms that the new membership article has been created.
  8. Refresh page by pressing F5.

  9. Choose the same membership article as you edited earlier (2022).
    Scroll down to the next period membership (for renewal).
    Select the new membership article you created (“Member 1 Kr 2023”) from the list.
    Click the blue button Save article.

Important! Keep in mind that if this article should no longer be visible and selectable during registration/renewal (e.g. if the period has expired), the membership article needs to be deactivated. You do this by editing the member article and unchecking Active.

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Updated on 2023-03-29