Criteria #

  • The member has to exist in Memlist already
  • The order of how the membership is created and deleted must be followed according to this routine. Otherwise, this may result in the member being stuck in limbo.

Move a member #

  1. Search for the member to move, you can either use Quick Search or Advanced Search

  2. Click on the member in the table to edit

  3. Scroll down to the Membership section

  4. Click the +Add Membership button

  5. A submenu will now appear

  6. Set period, from and to date (suggested to be the same as the existing membership)

  7. Choose which association the member should be moved to

  8. Set payment for membership, Yes or No

  9. Set the membership article for the new company

  10. Click the Create button
  11. A new membership is created on the member
  12. Delete the old membership by clicking on the trash can next to it
  13. The old membership is now deleted and the member has been moved to the new company
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Updated on 2023-09-07